Drug Development Capabilities

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Resistance, Refine, Repeat

It’s a pipeline, not a product.

Until there is a cure for a given indication, there is room for novel products to improve treatment.

At every stage of development, from lead selection to FDA approval, ResCu can help push forward new insights into how disease adapts over time so that we can develop new therapeutic approaches and protocols to extend patients’ lives.

The future of oncology is ReST

Combination therapy that targets the cause of tumor relapse: treatment resistance.

ReST is a multitargeted, combination therapy that hits resistance target networks predicated on long-term evolutionary biology for superior outcomes. 

ReST takes an indication- and target-first approach to cancer treatment and drug discovery. We aren’t constrained by proprietary chemistry or focused on a particular therapeutic modality. We partner with industry collaborators to find the right drug chemistry to match the target.

Since each therapy is discovered via evolutionary search, susceptibility and resistance biomarkers are built into the discovery process so that only suitable patients receive ReST treatments.

The best last drug

ResCu builds pre-treated resistance cell models.

ResCu builds pre-clinical pre-treated resistance cell models that behave like pre-treated resistant patient tumors. 

Cancer patients in clinical trials have failed multiple therapies; their tumor is resistant to several drugs. Yet, novel last-line therapies are developed in first-line pre-clinical models.

Novel therapies need to be developed and tested in pre-treatment resistance models to deliver superior efficacy in the most resistant stage of tumor treatment and evolution. 

Superiority or bust

Advancing only the best therapies.

The ResCu System has the potential to preclinically compare and predict changes in progression-free survival and overall survival to the standard of care or competitors.

Lead selection

When you only have one shot, make it your best.

With a known target and cancer indication selected, ResCu can help determine the right lead candidate to advance to the clinic with the least resistance potential and best long-term efficacy.

It’s about treatment resistance

Synthetic lethality can be a building block for ReST but doesn’t solve treatment resistance by itself.

Synthetic lethal combinations with high target specificity generate resistance networks and can act as a starting point for ReST.

Running synthetic lethal combinations through ResCu can reveal unique resistance networks filled with novel resistance targets and target networks unique to the synthetic lethal combination therapy. Drugging synthetic lethal resistance targets can substantially improve the long-term efficacy of synthetic lethal combinations.