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ResCu Platform

Predict clinical treatment resistance. 

The ResCu System Resistance Culturing – is the first oncology drug discovery system to harness evolution to predict clinical outcomes to novel cancer therapies by accurately representing the therapies treatment resistance network in cancer.

ResCu enables resistanceBio to determine the best drug for a cancer type, the best patient population for a treatment, and identify novel resistance targets for new therapies.


Drug Development Capabilities

Resistance Suppressing Therapy (ReST): A novel Class of Therapy.

resistanceBio aims only to advance therapies that have the potential to be superior to the standard of care. 

ReST is a combination therapy based on long-term evolutionary biology. We work with industry partners across therapeutic modalities to ensure we effectively hit our resistance targets and treat the cancer. 

ResCu helps select the right lead candidate with the least resistance potential and best long-term efficacy.

Precision Oncology

Cancer fighters need the right therapies to survive.

The right drug for the right patient has the potential to lead to superior outcomes. ResCu can discover susceptibility and resistance biomarkers helping identify patients that may have potentially superior responses. Resistance biomarkers identify those patients who will not respond to treatment because their tumor has the drug target and the resistance mechanism.