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  • Podcast: Irresistible cancer therapies w/Nick Goldner

    Check out this episode of Translation by our partners at 50 years about how our Founders, Nick Goldner and Chris Bulow, went from getting PhDs studying antibiotic resistance to starting a company whose sole mission is to develop novel therapeutics for cancer patients who suffer from treatment-resistant cancer. Episode Summary: Evolution is happening even at the […]

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  • Targeted Drug Discovery Summit- Feb. 2022.

    Founder and CEO of resistanceBio, Nick Goldner, will speak at this year’s Targeted Drug Discover Summit. The summit will take place in Boston, MA, from February 22nd to 24th. Please click on the link below for Summit details!

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  • R-Bio is proud to be partnering with 50 Years!

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is not just a cute saying for a throw pillow or gym shirt — it’s an actual biological phenomenon.

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  • Check out our interview in!

    Could a single pill treat a tumor today and head off its drug resistance mechanisms tomorrow? resistanceBio is on the case. Cancer drugs stop working when malignant cells develop molecular changes that allow them to evade the drugs’ effects.

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